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Building Article – Autumn 2013

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Now is the time to be sure you prepare for Winter. We have had some very hard winters recently. This seriously affects mortar /paintwork. Until around the end of October it is the time to get that Conservatory/ Wooden windows /Doors and frames rubbed down, undercoated, filled and painted ~before the frosts set in. Also now is good to repair Brickwork/Patio /Paving  and even reface damaged bricks. If this damage is left it could potentially ruin a whole section or worse let in water. Also if you have found that you are spending more time outside then it is an ideal building period to add the Patio Extension or even E-Decking, a resin decking which is non slip. Also lighting can really enhance your garden ,not only in Summer but through the Winter too… We can offer you further advice, just contact...

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GARDEN NOTES – Autumn 2013

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Now is the time to take a hard and fast look at your garden. Can Shrubs be moved to a better location? Can some of the crowded herbaceous plants be halved and used  in other parts? Are the heights correct (tiered planting ) or are some of the lower plants being smother by taller ones.? Is shade causing stunted growth in some plants? Is there enough Winter colour in the garden ? These are all things which should be addressed in late Autumn. Is it time to build a raised vegetable patch for home grown fresh produce  and a nearby  soft fruit cage? We can come in and makeover your garden to allow it to perform most effectively for you. Trees and hedges need to be cut back hard now to open up the garden ready for spring. This helps to prevent moss on Patios, Sheds, lawns and even your Roof. Don’t dead-head old variety Rosa Rugosa roses as the hips make a nice display. Don’t cut back Dogwood (Cornus) until the spring. Now is a great time to put in Patios or raised beds or even resin non slip E-Decking. For further ideas we can come in for a brief advisory, free of...

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Move… or makeover?

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In this time of recession we need to evaluate the best way of spending the funds we have available to improve ,or even completely overhaul our homes. Moving and re-mortgaging is a lot of stress and relocating is additional hassle and inconvenience when, just maybe , the home you already have could be in actual fact, what you really seek. Vision is what we at ‘The Other Room’ have, and maybe can accommodate what you really need. Firstly we will ask you to make a checklist of what you seek to accommodate the needs and ideal for you and your family. The list will be the what you Need and what is Desirable. From here we can give you an idea of what can be achieved either with /without Planning Permission. In my experience of past clients ,all too often they are living in an ideal property to accommodate their requirements ,but don’t necessarily have the ‘vision’ to see it. Things so easily overlooked like adding a contained porch on the front/side/rear of your house .This then allows you to possibly eliminate the hallway in your house to open up your living space . Another is to merge your dining room into a large kitchen/diner creating a great family/social space . This can even include the Garden. This is Your living space and how you make best use of it is how it ‘performs’ for you and your family. Multi-tiered beds for space restricted areas , Irrigation and drought tolerant plants for busy lifestyles Low maintenance and high performance .for the less ‘green fingered’ Espalier fruit growing where space is a premium Good ,colourful mulching /gravels for weed free gardens Themes such as Japanese for peace ,solace and minimalist landscapes Water, in ponds, features and even containers to connect with the outdoors So many facets that can really make use of you own space/garden We have numerous Clients in the local area who continue to use our services for painting /repairs/maintenance and Gardening Services, ..Recommendations that one can’t buy ! If you are considering any of the above we can even show you around some of our Clients previous projects (by appointment only ) Please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a free overview or advisory...

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