Garden Maintenance


We undertake to maintain, upgrade and improve all our clients gardens.

We have maintained a wealth of different size gardens, from the small back gardens, larger display gardens, to 3.5 acre gardens with ponds, jacuzzi’s and irrigation.

We also carry out the tree maintenance and hedge cutting. We offer this service to meet your gardens needs and to suit your budget.

Whilst on site we can also make recommendations such as spring and autumn feeding for your lawn or moss treatment and scarifying the lawn also. For some clients a monthly schedule is what suits them most and we can incorporate that too.

It really is the focal point of any English garden, but needs TLC and my well-trained staff would bring out the best of your less than perfect lawns.

Lawn maintenance is such an important feature of the garden that gets so seriously neglected .

It is your outdoor carpet and although tough it does need help. Many suffer from pet abuse, compaction, drought, moss invasion, competion by weeds leading to degradation and lack of feeding.

We can advise and help on all of these. We can completely overhaul your moss ridden, compacted, worn out lawn. Even if you lawn is not being heavily trodden on, it still needs Spring / Autumn treatments to maximise its performance.

We tailor make the treatment plans such as Scarifying (to remove thatch), Hollow tyne core removal (to improve aeration or add oragnic matter / lawn sand ) as well as feeding or a good cut with professional mowers.

A good lawn makes all the difference to your garden, just like a carpet does to the room in your house.

Please click here to view our gallery of garden maintenance.