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Garden Landscaping

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Your garden should be seen as an extension of your home ~ it is another element of where you live. If you Design your garden effectively it can be an outdoor space to be enjoyed in all but the harshest of weather. We have Clients who have large stylish, curved Lead canopies over their patios to keep the worst of the sun at bay in the midsummer sun, but in the cooler Spring/Autumn outdoor Patio heaters keep the feeling of an outdoor room. With low voltage LED lighting ,tastefully set around the garden you can entertain in a really stylish and calming¬†surrounding. Using the well thought out automated self watering systems means one less thing to worry about. Careful use of weed membrane and mulch stone… well that eliminates the weeding… make your Garden… perform to¬†make that place of...

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Gardening Tips for February

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Gardening Tips for February Sow early veg crops in well insulated cold frames or in trays in cool window (light) locations Plant shallots outside, with labelled canes Prune back autumn fruiting Raspberries and plant new canes Put the garden lawn mowers in for a service to avoid the rush

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