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Overdue Decent Summer – Summer 2010

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So far, we have had a long overdue decent summer. However, many peoples lawns have been much more seriously affected than others. Good management for lawn care and correct planting of tolerant border plants, plus a good underlying mulch, will ensure a splendid display through the whole season. We can quote you for autumn to hollowtine, loam, roll and topdress your lawn which will reap dividends .All my clients have had compacted lawns that have never had ‘TLC’. One treatment will last for many years. After all, we are all happy to cleanout and decorate the rooms of our home and effectively our garden is another living /recreation space. To give clients gardens a different dimension we have put in tiered or terraced gardens. The creates a focal point. Planting a careful structure of shrubs throughout the scheme and then seasonal bedding/bulb pockets in between. This is easy to auto-irrigate and kept mulched, will remain weed...

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