Garden Design Services

garden design services

Are you, like so many others, tired of trying to find a good tradesman or garden design service provider?

For advice, detailed estimates, costings, timescales, approximate manpower, The Other Room will provide all the help you need for your garden design service. We have some of the best local tradesmen on board and to hand.

This means if you have an idea we can help you to organise it and give you professional advice. We will appraise and then give you honest sound feedback on possible areas of controversy or complications and of course on budgets.

Garden Design Services
We work very closely with an experienced architect and we undertake to liaise with the Planning Department for our clients. We try our utmost to meet most requirements.

After our initial meeting we then discuss how you make use of your garden. From this feedback we can focus on the best design and materials to enable you to maximise your space within your budget.

For some, this is incorporating fruit cages and raised veg patches (for easy maintenance and great fresh food), trained fruit trees to fit in small spaces, irrigated flower beds for an easy life or even artificial lawns for those with pets.

Regular garden maintenance
We undertake to maintain, upgrade and improve all our clients gardens. We have maintained a wealth of different size gardens. Read More…

From palisade (picket) fencing to post and rail paddock fencing as well as trellis, we can supply and install exactly to your requirements and we even supply a design service. Read more…

Also for some gardens Deer / Rabbit proof fencing is essential in order to retain any decent garden plants. We can install this in the areas most needed or around the whole boundary if you choose. Some of the solid panels can provide a most excellent backdrop and enhanced privacy to your personal space.

Patios, Paths, and Retaining Walls
These can make the backbone structure of your garden, no matter how big or small. It sets off a garden to have a stone / brick structure to be then ‘decorated’ with the plants of your choice that will give a display through all the seasons. We can show you how to achieve this.

The design can incorporate your existing hard-landscaping or we can start from scratch. We can discuss the budget you have and take the design from there. Using edging and even sleepers we can make all different levels and textures to your garden. There are so many paving slabs and mulch (stone shingle) choices to be made to make your garden unique.

Very often gardens are well designed initially, but shrubs become ‘tired’ and outgrown in the location they are in. Read More…

A pond (either nature pond or formal walled pond) can really be a great feature of your garden. With a little bit of careful planning and a sensible budget this feature will give many many years of real pleasure and improves as it matures. Read More…

Terracing, boundary walls, retaining walls and ornamental walls all add a new dimension to your garden. Re-landscaping, dredging and lining existing ponds can save and benefit and enhance them.

Water features
These are a great way to give a visual and sound dimension to your garden. Read More…

Seasonal Pruning
It is always prudent to cut trees and hedges at the correct time of year to avoid disease and to enhance the performance of the tree/hedge. Read More…

Lawn Maintenance
This is such an important feature of the garden that gets so seriously neglected. It is your outdoor carpet and although tough it does need help. Read More…

Grow your own food
We can plant the ideal orchard, organic vegetable plots, soft fruit cages and show you how to produce a successful harvest of espalier fruit trees and raised veg beds.