GARDEN NOTES – Autumn 2013

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Now is the time to take a hard and fast look at your garden.

  • Can Shrubs be moved to a better location?
  • Can some of the crowded herbaceous plants be halved and used  in other parts?
  • Are the heights correct (tiered planting ) or are some of the lower plants being smother by taller ones.?
  • Is shade causing stunted growth in some plants?
  • Is there enough Winter colour in the garden ?

These are all things which should be addressed in late Autumn.

Is it time to build a raised vegetable patch for home grown fresh produce  and a nearby  soft fruit cage?

We can come in and makeover your garden to allow it to perform most effectively for you.

Trees and hedges need to be cut back hard now to open up the garden ready for spring. This helps to prevent moss on Patios, Sheds, lawns and even your Roof.

Don’t dead-head old variety Rosa Rugosa roses as the hips make a nice display.

Don’t cut back Dogwood (Cornus) until the spring.

Now is a great time to put in Patios or raised beds or even resin non slip E-Decking.

For further ideas we can come in for a brief advisory, free of charge.