Home Flood Defence – Facts & Figures


2015 ~Average UK Flood Damage costs are currently £1.1billion and 5,000 homes were flooded.

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) predicts 2016 Winter Flood Impacts

£5-£5.8 Billion overall

Insurance claims £1.5 Billion

Personal Costs £1 Billion

£750 million to Local Authorities

As we all know weather patterns are changing. At this time of year after drawn out dry periods, the ground is dry and vegetation minimal. Then we have the seasonal downpours, on the hard compacted soil the result is flash flooding and run-off. Add to this the continued building and development (car drive-ways/patios) on grass/soil the natural ‘sponge’ that absorbs all the rain is rapidly diminishing.

Using well thought out Resilience and Mitigation, then an actual overview of the Project at conception (or even after completion to rectify/add on ) can help introduce preventative installations to help minimise flooding, or possible damage.

To help prevent flooding, there are a number of things you can do to dramatically protect your property.At the concept and even on completion of the project you can still install SuDS ~Sustainable Drainage Systems. This is comprised of an underground rainwater collection that filters the water and pumps it back into your home , greatly reducing bills for those of us on Metered water systems .

This is sustainable , free supply and is the future.

These small changes can make a huge difference when homeowners /developers start to incorporate as standard approach, which will eventually become a statutory requirement.

There are various other ways to address the problems.

~Ensuring the ground drain capacity and site level is suitable(many homes are built in Flood Zones and need to very aware of risk and prevention as much as possible )

~Ensuring the run-off from your property leads away from it fully. Or better still installing SuD’S to protect the property and recycle the water

~Adding suitable Landscaping to help reduce flood impacts. The uptake of water from Shrubs/Plants and really alleviate localised flooding

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Linear Drainage channels ~ box form units with a range over drive-over tops which collect and transport water away from your property to a suitable outlet or storage tank

Permeable Paving~ Attractive and colour variation of load bearing block paving ideal for drives/pathways , This also includes permeable resin bonded ornamental shingle .

Incorporating this into a sustainable way of utilising rainwater by ‘harvesting ‘ it ,is totally the future .This then what is termed ‘greywater’ can be stored in underground tanks to be used in Toilets and Washing Machines

We can advise you on the best way forward to protect your property and the most appropriate way to add future developments.