Garden Landscaping Hertfordshire

Garden Landscaping Hertfordshire

Garden Landscaping Hertfordshire

Very often gardens are well designed initially, but shrubs become ‘tired’ and outgrown in the location they are in.

The also have a maturity date and once past that they decay and look poor. Gardens, like rooms in a house, need a makeover every so many years.

Sometimes this maybe just adding and removing some plants or trees, but in somecases it may involve whole areas to be revamped and new soil put in too. Over years accumulated acid breakdown from some plants or lack of orgainic tilth in the soil will see you garden run down. We can advise you of the best action to be taken to re~boost the vigour in your garden

We have designed various projects for clients including beautiful barns. We have liaised with the Planning Department and, following approval, have taken the projects through to completion having sourced a specialist builder for the project.

However, a general re- garden landscaping of an average garden has also been a real success for some of our clients’ problem gardens.

Removing a very poorly installed pond and adding a stone, slate and millstone feature really improved one client’s garden.

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