Potential of your Property

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A well thought garden can really influence Buyer if you wish to market the house. It is a worthwhile investment for you to use as the Outdoor Lifestyle you created and crafted to be enjoyed by guests/family/friends. And well chosen plants means it get better year by year unlike indoor design and expenditure!

If a panel fence is needed for privacy, how about erecting freestanding trellis panels to obscure the wood. This can then be planted with Euonymous/Pyracanthus for an all year round espalier display. Autumn cut back is all you need.

For those of you who really groan at the thought of lawncare/cutting, have a think about the latest ‘evolution ‘ of indistinguishable from grass, artificial turf, no mud, no cutting, no moss, no weeds, no wear and tear …and lasts for many years.

We can advise install.


Building ~ The Visionary Service.

All too often we think about moving when we haven’t really truly investigated just what we have right under our nose. I can show you the potential of your property if you seek Space/Light/Storage/Extensions/Conversions.

I can explain Building Regs/Planning Permission and possible costings.

Before calling the Estate Agent …contact The Other Room …and lets discuss how best to reconfigure and extend and add value to what you already own!