Soil heating up slightly and Bulbs emerging…

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With the soil heating up slightly and Bulbs emerging, now it a good time to tidy any herbaceous borders that were not cleared in the Autumn. Dead leaf litter with harbour mould spores and even pathogens …plus worse still the snug stopover for Slug/Snails. Turn over the soil on bare patches and even consider planting them to help cut back on weeding.

I try my best to persuade clients that inbetween plant growth patches, a good idea is to lay and peg down weed membrane. Then any mulch ~either slate or Cotswold stone chippings on top. This really helps reduce weeding.

Now is good to also plant any Fruit Canes (Raspberry/Redcurrant etc) but ideally where you can put some net protecting over them to keep off butterflies/birds. There are some easy to install solutions on the internet.

Double check your roses have been pruned too and that there is a free flow of air through the centre of them to help prevent mildew .Any signs of blackspot, as soon as leaves emerge… treat by spraying straight away. Keep on top of it …and it wont spread. Any leaves that show signs should be burnt or binned …not composted.

How about Grow Your Own …when it comes to vegetables…? Nothing tastes like fresh Organic Homegrown A small area of the garden , sleepers nailed together ~two high~ in a square.┬áLine the sleepers inside with thick plastic or Damp Proof Membrane. Fill inside with soils and well truly ritted manure …and your half way there. We can install this for you if you wish, along with Irrigation on a Timer. Contact us for more details.