House Maintenance

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Patio’s ~ If you have broken slabs or crumbling pointing it is prudent to have the repair work done before frosts. Penetrating  water and frost action will only further damage the slabs/pointing and even the base

Chimneys ~ An area we tend to ignore. This takes the full brunt of all weather and is prone to damage. If it does break and fall the damage can be roof tiles, gutter  or worse …a passer by.

Get any pointing /cowling checked and repaired along with any loose tiles.

Masonary ~ Render and exterior painting is a great way to protect your property. However a small hole can allow moisture in , where it will sit and start to damage bricks , especially the softer varieties.Damp decomposing bricks/masonary lead to rot and damp problems.

We can check to see if any of the is ‘live‘, hack off the problem area, repatch and repaint.

Soffits and Fascia’s ~ these often get overlooked but they protect the roof rafters so maintenance is really vital.

For any Estimates on the items above please contact  us.