Build, Design & Construct Services – Spring 2014

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Planning ahead now in the period of relative calm will reap rewards in the peak season.

Having a good look at your space and really thinking about how to make the best use of it.

Fruit and Vegetables are becoming increasingly expensive.

Grown in raised bed where the tilth of the soil makes for easy growing and easier nutrient monitoring  is really easy to set up. And the rewards can be harvested right through the summer.

Look at if you can increase the use and enjoyment of the garden by redesigning. A new terrace, bigger patio or even a water feature with additional lighting can really enhance your enjoyment of your garden.

Handy hints for the Spring.

  • Keep off of frosty grass to prevent ‘burn’ marks
  • Tape up snow laden prone  branches on weaker trees
  • Good time to remove Fungal  damaged  trees to prevent spores spreading (including stump)
  • Fumigate greenhouses, but beware of nature’s  gardeners  ‘helpers’ (earwigs and ladybirds )
  • Prune the top foot of autumn raspberries
  • Consider additional soft fruits and plant now
  • Check and renew plant supports
  • Plant good size well budded climbing roses on their existing frames in a good manure trench (these can then be slowly eased off frames onto your trellis /arbour/pergola

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